One of the biggest problems start-ups face, is not truly understanding their market.  Many times new owners will go with a shotgun approach and believe their product or service works for everyone.  While that may be the case, aiming for pleasing everyone is NOT a good approach.  Pleasing everyone is too broad and will make your marketing extremely difficult to target, resulting in over-spending and under-delivering.  This approach will also leave you in the midst of clutter and ultimately leave you not pleasing anyone.

A clear strategy is the 1st step in a successful launch.  By laying a solid foundation for your startup and targeting a specific group, you can easily attain your empire.


Companies spend millions, even billions of dollars branding their businesses.  Start-ups, however, tend to run short on time, talents and funding to craft all of the elements necessary for a brand kickoff.  Luckily, Propl Business has years of experience branding start-ups.  We use our research of both market trends and psychology to create a beautiful and well-developed brand that you will be proud of.

Our branding packages include a company story, logos, flyers, letterheads, email signatures, and logos— everything your company needs to get started

“Your brand is what people say about you after you leave the room.” ~Jeff Bezos, Amazon

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Mission, Vision, Values- The Heart and Soul of your Start-up


Exactly 100% of your customers will be searching for you online. 97% of customers read online reviews for local businesses and 12% say they do not make a decision on buying unless the company has a strong web presence.

This web presence can make or break your business.  Whether your business needs a simple online brochure, a platform for selling products or lead generation, Propl Business will help you create a beautifully branded, user-friendly experience for your customers.


While we provide marketing to start-ups, we will be there through the life of your business.  As you grow, we hope to grow with you and help you with your marketing throughout the duration of your company.

“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

- Tom Fishburne