It is very easy for Startup owners to fall so-in-love with their product or service that they believe it will bbe better than anything out on the market.  And it probably is, but do you know who else is providing the same thing?

At Propl, we ask the right questions to find how to make your value proposition better than anything else on the market.

Questions we will answer:

Is your product/service more valuable than existing products on the market?  If so how?

Do this already exist on the market and is it marketed to the same niche?

Does my product or service offer something unique?


After identifying your competitors we will additionally uncover:

How your customers are pricing their products

What is working in their marketing strategy?

How can we improve upon what they are currently doing

And many more…

We check all traffic and trends, pricing, value propositions, strategies and existing landscapes of your competitors to make sure you will outshine them all!